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I am photographer and videographer Dan Kolansky, this is my spot to treat clients to the white glove experience as well as post up my blogs and vlogs. Check out the latest here and below :).

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Captured Stories

Jenna & Kyle

This wonderful couple hired us to shoot a video of their wedding day. We have the short version here, and a long version is on the way! Check it out here:
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Megan and Matthew

This lovely young couple came out to my place to do some engagement photos here in Winchester. Very excited to be shooting their wedding later this year. I had some fun using some special lens modifiers and also a painting effect for a few of these photos to get a very cool effect on a…
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Kyle & Jenn

Spring is bringing out the wonderful colors. This short engagement session was something special. Favorite quote was Jenn saying “Wow, everyone always looks so natural in these kinds of photos. I had no idea they were staged.” As you can see, Jenn looks quite natural in these photos haha!
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Winchester Photography in the Winter

These images were snapped south of Winchester along Rt 340. During one of the impressive winter storms we had. As you can see, the Winchester and Front Royal areas are absolutely amazing during the winter months. Such beauty. The final image was taken out by Harper’s Ferry over the river (still on Rt 340).
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Zach & Beti Karp

Zach & Beti Wedding Video

It was a very warm summer afternoon as Zach and Beti shared their vows and enjoyed and incredible summer wedding in June of 2019. This video is the trailer for their wedding including some of the highlights of the day. It is beautiful, funny, interesting, and emotional. Just like the two main heros of the…
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Rebranding and Refreshing

Over 6 years ago now was the start of my (very expensive) delve into photography. It all started with a Nikon D5300 — still a nice camera today it took some great shots. Of course, I already had a background in graphics design which has helped immensely in this hobby-turning-career. A lot has happened since…
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