Rebranding and Refreshing

Over 6 years ago now was the start of my (very expensive) delve into photography. It all started with a Nikon D5300 — still a nice camera today it took some great shots.

One of my earlier photos shot on the Nikon D5300.

Of course, I already had a background in graphics design which has helped immensely in this hobby-turning-career.

A lot has happened since Boaz (my son) was that small. He is now going into school. But I digress. This post is about the future of my photography.

Rebranding to Rogueskies.net

People have seen me running around with a rogueskies.net email address over the years. Most people won’t know or remember, but some 15 years ago, Rogueskies was a vibrant artistic community. It was really my first opportunity to be part of something great.

In the five short years Rogueskies was a community we created countless works of art together. We discussed life. We wrote three novels as a group that comprised some 900+ pages of story. We collectively banned Lord of the Rings as an April fools joke to bust one poor person on the forum.

Rogueskies was a bunch of fun-loving teenagers who enjoyed life together.

But that was eons ago.

As my photography has improved and I have been more concerned with the business of photography I’ve been learning that using my own name to brand my photos is a bit fool-hardy. True photography businesses don’t rely on any one person (even if that person is the key employee). A photography business is comprised of the creative souls of several individuals.

So as I went searching for a name, I realized I had been sitting on it all along.

“What name would best represent a community of creative people?” I postulated to myself.

Duh! Rogueskies! A name that has represented unbridled creativity for almost 2 decades now. It has fallen into disuse but I never could let it go because of the special memories it carries.

So this site is getting a face-lift

We’re like 50% of the way through rebuilding this website. Then we’re going to move it over to the rogueskies.net domain. https://rogueskies.net will become just a placeholder for all the projects I am involved in (and they are many).

The site here at https://rogueskies.net has always focused on photography because I didn’t really have anywhere else to file it. My web development business doesn’t really cover photography. So splitting it out into its own brand makes sense and gives me the creative freedom to expand the business beyond myself.

I’m excited for the future prospects of what happens. I have been wondering what to do for a while now and I think this is the right move.

We’ll see you on the other side!

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